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Aligning Solutions Playbook content with Microsoft Learn URLs

We have been using the term Solutions Playbook to the entirety of playbook content, including all the different sections (e.g. AI, Business Apps, Data, etc.). This made sense because we published all playbook content as an integrated playbook experience.

Things are a bit different on Microsoft Learn, where content is organized in folders that map to the production URL where the content is published. Each combination of folder and URL is known as a "docset."

As we worked with MS Learn to decide how Solutions Playbook content should be published on MS Learn, there was consensus that each section of content should be published at a URL that makes sense for end users. For example, AI content should be located with existing AI content. With this in mind, we identified appropriate URLs within MS Learn's existing structure that would be good fits for our playbook content.

Changing from one playbook to many

It would be unnecessarily confusing to continue talking about each collection of playbook pages as both a "section" of a bigger playbook and as a docset. To simplify terminology, we are going to use the terms "docset" and "playbook" synonymously, and stop using the term "section."

We will still use the term "Solutions Playbook" to refer to the collection of separate playbooks.

Creating docsets for each MS Learn playbook

Given that each existing playbook sections is going to land under a different Learn URLs, we created separate docset for each section.

In "physical" terms, each docset is mapped to a top-level folder in the repo's root. For playbook content in the solutions-playbook-pr repo, the following docsets and folders are defined:

Docset Repo folder Docset URL
AI playbook ai-playbook
Business applications playbook business-applications
Data playbook data-engineering
DevSecOps playbook devsecops
Modern Work playbook microsoftteams-playbook
Platform playbook platform-engineering-playbook