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Solutions Playbook on Microsoft Learn

The Solutions Playbook is currently (March 2024) hosted on custom web-sited built and operated by the Industry Solutions Engineering team within the MCAPS IPS organization.

In order to help more customers while reducing engineering costs and risks (see Migration Value Props), we have been working on migrating the playbook to Microsoft's official documentation solution, which is hosted at and operated the Microsoft Learn team.

This site provides an overview of the migration effort. Please explore the links below to learn more about our progress and to get answers to your questions.

Learn more about the Solutions Playbook on Microsoft Learn

  • The migration plan

    Review the plan for migrating the Solutions Playbook to the Learn platform

    Migration Plan

  • Why we are migrating

    Understand why the playbook is moving to MS Learn

    Value Prop

  • Introducing Docsets

    How Solutions Playbook content maps to Learn URLs and repo folders

    Learn Docsets

  • Publishing on MS Learn

    Learn how Solutions Playbook content is published on Microsoft Learn

    Learn Publishing Model

  • Playbook links

    Learn how we are migrating Solutions Playbook to Microsoft Learn

    Migration Process

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    View answers to frequently asked questions related to the MS Learn migration

    Migration FAQ

ISE launched the Solutions Playbook as an internal web-site in Summer 2022. As the the volume and quality of content matured over the next year, we launched a public version of the playbook in July 2023.

As of March 2024, two versions of the playbook are hosted on custom web-sites built and operated by ISE: