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Microsoft Solutions Playbook

Michelin Guide Each Microsoft Solutions Playbook provides enterprise software engineers with solutions, capabilities, and code developed to solve real-world problems. Everything in the Playbook is developed with, and validated by, some of Microsoft's largest and most influential customers and partners.

About the Solutions Playbook

Solutions in this playbook employ good engineering practices to accelerate real-world application development. Common themes include:

  • Improving application design and developer productivity by sharing code and knowledge developed by experts for Microsoft customers.
  • Using automation to make repetitive tasks faster, more reliable, and auditable
  • Making application deployments and operations secure and observable.
  • Securing applications by following security best practices at all stages of the engineering lifecycle.
  • Writing portable solutions that run in multiple locations, including edge devices, on-premises data centers, the Microsoft cloud, and competitor's clouds.

The playbook is organized in the following categories:

  • Business Applications

    Integrate low-code and SaaS services and capabilities into enterprise solutions.

    Business Applications

  • Data

    Cloud-first approach for enterprise data migration, governance, analysis and sharing


  • DevSecOps

    Create a “Security as Code” culture across developer/security/operations teams


  • Modern Work

    Build collaborative applications for Microsoft Teams and other technologies.

    Modern Work

  • Platforms

    Build and operate complex distributed application platforms, including multi-cloud and hybrid (edge + cloud).


  • Engineering Fundamentals

    OSS project focused on engineering best practices, with contributions from hundreds of developers.

    Engineering Fundamentals

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