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Teams Embedded Chat

Organizations need an easy way to build collaborative apps that bring people, process and data together and help users thrive in the hybrid workplace. The Teams Embedded Chat solution makes it easy to embed a Teams chat into any web application. The chat experience is flexible. It can happen entirely within the business app, and Teams users can also join in.

Chat threads are linked to application-specific IDs, such as invoice number, customer ID, or product SKU.

With Teams Embedded Chat, developers can tap into more than 270 million monthly active users of Microsoft Teams.



Use Case

As more organizations turn to Microsoft Teams for their communication needs, they are looking for communication to be pervasive across where they work. Although the Share to Teams script allows information from external web applications to be easily shared into Microsoft Teams, many customers desire full embedded conversations. Microsoft Teams Embedded Chat is a self-hosted embed solution that has a minimal integration footprint as Share to Teams. The Teams Embedded Chat solution enables developers to embed Teams chats into their applications, enabling their users to collaborate seamlessly without having to switch back and forth across apps.


Teams Embedded Chat enables full-fidelity Teams conversations to be initiated/conducted from third-party web applications. The solution centers around mapping third-party entities to Teams conversations. An entity could be any record, such as invoice, purchase order, customer, or help desk ticket. The entity must have a unique identifier the solution can associate to a Teams chat thread ID. The solution allows users to initiate new chats and join existing chats linked by the entity. Integration requires a simple script reference and a few lines of script to bootstrap the chat to a DOM element in the web application.

Repository Location

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  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Graph API
  • Azure Communication Services
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Functions
  • NodeJs
  • DOTNET Core 6.0 platform


Microsoft Teams Embedded Chat is a script component that enables organizations to embed Microsoft Teams group chat into existing web applications. The component is initialized by providing a unique identifier for that application (ex: invoice ID, customer code, product SKU, etc.), which enables entity-specific chat threads in Microsoft Teams.

The solution uses Microsoft Graph API to post new messages, retrieve chat history, add participants, and display profile information of participants.

Developers can configure both Graph Notification Broker and Azure Communication Services for chat notifications.

Embedded Chat Architecture