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Your Milestone/Epic Design Title Here (prefix with DRAFT/WIP to indicate level of completeness)

Please refer to for things to keep in mind when using this template.

  • Milestone / Epic: Name
  • Project / Engagement: [Project Engagement]
  • Authors: [Author1, Author2, etc.]

Overview / Problem Statement

Describe the milestone/epic with a high-level summary and a problem statement. Consider including or linking to any additional background (e.g. Game Plan or Checkpoint docs) if it is useful for historical context.

Goals / In-Scope

List a few bullet points of goals that this milestone/epic will achieve and that are most relevant for the design review discussion. You may include acceptable criteria required to meet the Definition of Done.

Non-goals / Out-of-Scope

List a few bullet points of non-goals to clarify the work that is beyond the scope of the design review for this milestone/epic.

Proposed Design / Suggested Approach

To optimize the time investment, this should be brief since it is likely that details will change as the epic/milestone is further decomposed into features and stories. The goal being to convey the vision and complexity in something that can be understood in a few minutes and can help guide a discussion (either asynchronously via comments or in a meeting).

  • A paragraph to describe the proposed design / suggested approach for this milestone/epic.
  • A diagram (e.g. architecture, sequence, component, deployment, etc.) or pseudo-code snippet to make it easier to talk through the approach.
  • List a few of the alternative approaches that were considered and include the brief key Pros and Cons used to help rationalize the decision. For example:
Pros Cons
Simple to implement Creates secondary identity system
Repeatable pattern/code artifact Deployment requires admin credentials


Briefly list the languages(s) and platform(s) that comprise the stack. This may include anything that is needed to understand the overall solution: OS, web server, presentation layer, persistence layer, caching, eventing, etc.

Non-Functional Requirements

  • What are the primary performance and scalability concerns for this milestone/epic?
  • Are there specific latency, availability, and RTO/RPO objectives that must be met?
  • Are there specific bottlenecks or potential problem areas? For example, are operations CPU or I/O (network, disk) bound?
  • How large are the data sets and how fast do they grow?
  • What is the expected usage pattern of the service? For example, will there be peaks and valleys of intense concurrent usage?
  • Are there specific cost constraints? (e.g. $ per transaction/device/user)


  • Are there any specific considerations for the CI/CD setup of milestone/epic?
  • Is there a process (manual or automated) to promote builds from lower environments to higher ones?
  • Does this milestone/epic require zero-downtime deployments, and if so, how are they achieved?
  • Are there mechanisms in place to rollback a deployment?
  • What is the process for monitoring the functionality provided by this milestone/epic?


  • Does this milestone/epic need to be sequenced after another epic assigned to the same team and why?
  • Is the milestone/epic dependent on another team completing other work?
  • Will the team need to wait for that work to be completed or could the work proceed in parallel?

Risks & Mitigations

  • Does the team need assistance from subject-matter experts?
  • What security and privacy concerns does this milestone/epic have?
  • Is all sensitive information and secrets treated in a safe and secure manner?

Open Questions

Include any open questions and concerns.

Additional References

Include any additional references including links to work items or other documents.