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Custom Connector Testing

When developing Custom Connectors to put data into the Power Platform there are some strategies you can follow:

Unit Testing

There are several verifications one can do while developing custom connectors in order to be sure the code is working properly.

There are two main ones:

  • Validating the OpenAPI schema which the connector is defined.
  • Validating if the schema also have all the information necessary for the certified connector process.

(the later one is optional, but necessary in case you want to publish it as a certified connector).

There are several tool to help validate the OpenAPI schema, a list of them are available in this link. A suggested tool would be swagger-cli.

On the other hand, to validate if the custom connector you are building is correct to become a certified connector, use the paconn-cli, since it has a validate command that shows missing information from the custom connector definition.