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Insert Test Technique Name Here

Put a 2-3 sentence overview about the test technique here.

When To Use

Problem Addressed

Describing the problem that this test type addresses, this should focus on the motivation behind the test type/technique to help the reader correlate this technique to their problem.

When to Avoid

Describe when NOT to use, if applicable.

ROI Tipping Point

How much is enough? For example, some opine that unit test ROI drops significantly at 80% block coverage and when the codebase is well-exercised by real traffic in production.

Applicable to

  • Local dev 'desktop'
  • Build pipelines
  • Non-production deployments
  • Production deployments

NOTE: If there is great (clear, succinct) documentation for the technique on the web, supply a pointer and skip the rest of this template. No need to re-type content

How to Use


Describe the components of the technique and how they interact with each other and the subject of the test technique. Add a simple diagram of how the technique's parts are organized, if helpful to illustrate.


Anything required in advance?

High-level Step-by-step

1. 1. 1.

Best Practices and Advice

Describe what good testing looks like for this technique, best practices, pitfalls.

Anti patterns

e.g. unit tests should never require off-box or even out-of-process dependencies. Are there similar things to avoid when applying this technique?

Frameworks, Tools, Templates

Describe known good (i.e. actually used and known to provide good results) frameworks, tools, templates, their pros and cons, with links.


Provide links to further readings about this technique to dive deeper.