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Definition of Done

To close a user story, a sprint, or a milestone it is important to verify that the tasks are complete.

The development team should decide together what their Definition of Done is and document this in the project. Below are some examples of checks to verify that the user story, sprint, task is completed.

Feature/User Story

  • Acceptance criteria are met
  • Refactoring is complete
  • Code builds with no error
  • Unit tests are written and pass
  • Existing Unit Tests pass
  • Sufficient diagnostics/telemetry are logged
  • Code review is complete
  • UX review is complete (if applicable)
  • Documentation is updated
  • The feature is merged into the develop branch
  • The feature is signed off by the product owner

Sprint Goal

  • Definition of Done for all user stories included in the sprint are met
  • Product backlog is updated
  • Functional and Integration tests pass
  • Performance tests pass
  • End 2 End tests pass
  • All bugs are fixed
  • The sprint is signed off from developers, software architects, project manager, product owner etc.


  • Code Complete (goals of sprints are met)
  • Release is marked as ready for production deployment by product owner