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Principles of FusionOps

The guiding principles help teams using FusionOps make decisions about enhancing low-code with high-code development.

Least-code mindset

A least-code mindset favors solutions that reduce the time required to write, review and manage applications. Less code means fewer bugs, less security risk, and lower ongoing maintenance and operational costs. Many successful end-to-end solutions fuse no-code, low-code, and high-code components. FusionOps starts with no-code SaaS capabilities customized using low-code tool. FusionOps teams turn to high-code solutions only when required to fill gaps in feature set, performance, scalability, etc.

The following diagram uses bot development as an example to illustrate the principle of applying a least-code mindset. Example of least-code mindset in bots

Capability-based development

Capability-based development extends SaaS platforms with reusable capabilities composed into many different solutions. Professional developers extend SaaS capabilities with code by building connections to business systems. Examples include adding UI controls that enable new experiences, and creating plug-ins that encapsulate common business logic. Citizen developers use these capabilities to build new experiences and workflows that satisfy a diverse set of customer needs.

Policy-driven governance

Policy-driven governance empowers fusion teams to create secure and compliant software without encumbering them with traditional compliance reviews. Fusion teams prefer a policy-driven approach to governance. Following a policy-driven approach helps IT and security professionals build secure apps that comply with enterprise policies.

Inclusive development

Inclusive development empowers more people to participate in software development. Traditional software development teams filter organizational and business knowledge through intermediaries like analysts. FusionOps includes business users in the development process and empowers them to create solutions that meet their needs. FusionOps allows pro developers and citizen developers to work collaboratively on the same project. The two groups focus on their individual ares of expertise, bringing the resulting components together into an end-to-end solution.

Unified engineering process

When pro developers and low-code developers work collaboratively on a project, FusionOps enables a unified engineering process. Creating a unified engineering process enables a diverse team to deliver value sooner and with improved features and quality.