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ALM Accelerator

Note: The Accelerator does not support CI/CD for Logic Apps.

As seen in the Engineering Tools section, the ALM Accelerator is a great choice for CI/CD.

If the solution for your project is built using Power Apps and Power Pages, we recommend using ALM Accelerator to satisfy the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). Documentation for how to use this tool can be found here.

Note: There is a feature in preview in Power Platform that can manage a CD flow but does not currently handle source control or CI. This does not currently interfere with the accelerator.

The Accelerator follows many of the principles outlined in CI/CD subsection, which are also encouraged in the Checklist section. Some of the principles are:

  • opinionated separation of environments,
  • An established branching strategy,
  • Integration with Azure DevOps (AzDO) that manages the source code and
  • Migration of solutions between the Power Platform environments.

The principles of Source Control are also handled in an automated way.

Using the accelerator strikes a balance between supporting citizen developers and supporting their code-first developer counterparts. Citizen developers have a user interface that abstracts away the underlying code. At the same time, in a "behind-the-scenes" way, a code-first developer can still follow the engineering fundamentals: code reviews, automated testing support, solution validation, and environment management.


The other tools that are helpful in managing the CI/CD of your solution:

Note that the stand-alone tool requires Windows to run, while the VS Code extension runs wherever VS Code runs.